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We are building the foundations of the constitution for the future Democratic TECHNOCRACY. Together, we will discuss the best political structures for which the government will form. A government run by the most qualified individuals holding expertise for each office.

About Us

Technocrats see the world as an engineering problem. Something we can employ the best of science to resolve. We're concerned about solving reality-based problems for all by identifying and supporting the needs of the people. Technocracy bears no allegiance to and makes no compromise with the Price System or anything that is a part of the Price System.


Democratic Technocracy is established to build the foundations of our constitution for the future Democratic TECHNOCRACY. We will discuss the best political structures for which the government will form. Started by Richie Bartlett, the goal is to gather the best of scientific thought to base a new equitable society. Richie previously contributed to the construction of Asgardia's constitution, but felt there was a better way for society to function. In researching for such a society, Richie found and the previous movement from the early 20th century.

Technocracy employs technical experts instead of greedy political con-artist with personal agendas. This is the core of the constitution we desire to write. Why "democratic?" The democratic elements come from how the branches of the government select representatives. While there are socialist elements in the crafting of this society, it is not a socialist state. These concepts stem from the idea that we must remove the motives of profit from three core areas of society: Health, Education, and Government itself. The rest of the consitution remains open for public discourse.

Building Constitution

Join in the discussions and make contributions to our social contract for a Democratic TECHNOCRACY. We work directly on GitHub and it's free! From Github, we can see how our Constitution has evolved through each member's additions and changes.
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Our Movement

Ideas put forward to build a social contract for a new TECHNOCRACY

Technocracy Movement

What is Technocracy?

Technocracy’s intention is to show a design – a plan that has been available for decades to control our technology instead of technology controlling us. By clinging to an outdated economic structure that often directs technology’s uses strictly for profit we are missing the full value of technology for the betterment of society and the environment.
Technocracy is a better way to confront social problems than authoritarian politics divorced from technical expertise.Technocracy is about making scientifically proven decisions. We are about making balanced and responsible choices for society and the environment.


History of Technocracy

Technocracy began 1919 in New York city in an organization known as the Technical Alliance of North America. This group included highly regarded men and women in science, education, architecture, mathematics and medicine. In 1933, after it was obvious that technology was going to replace manual labor in many areas, Technocracy was formed to provide information on how to create a plan, a blueprint of sorts to have an economy based on the best utilization of the technology available to make decisions for the good of society and the environment. Technocracy is a better and fairer use of power than any other hierarchical system.


Functional Scientifc Discision Making

What is Functional Decision Making? Using currently available scientifically proven information, relating it to the decision to be made, using strict criterion that factors in society and the environment... we form a consensus at a point in time, the best decision that be can made.
Profit is not a criteria in Functional Decision Making.


Designing a new Economy

The future economy will regard our planet's resources over the ponzi games used by current fiat fueled capitalist systems. A stronger emphasis will be placed on employing technology and science to monitor all resources. Can you help us design a better economy that isn't divorced from reality?

Our Constitution

The constitution itself should be "common law" in principle. Unless explicitly prohibited, all is allowed

Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population of the planet. For the first time in human history it can be approached as a scientific, technical, and engineering problem.

There will be no place for politics or politicians, finance or financiers, rackets or racketeers.

We have passed from a state of actual scarcity into the present status of potential abundance in which we are now held to an artificial scarcity forced upon us in order to continue a Price System which can distribute goods only by means of a medium of exchange.

We will consider how best to engage the society in the political process by removing barriers set by weaker systems that only desire to maintain their power in the status-quo. For example, all voting will be held on a blockchain that is publically available. Voting days shall be kept as national holidays whereby all may freely join. Furthermore, the voting system will use ranked-choice to centralize any potential political parties and prevent the outer fringes from taking hold of public direction.

Further tenents of our constitution shall include restrictions on child-labor. Under no conditions, should child labor be tolerated. A child should be defined as any one below the age of 17 years old.

How should we structure the governmental branches?

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